Jacek Jaroslaw Jasieniak, PhD GCCRS

Jacek is an Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Monash University and the Director of the Monash Energy Materials and Systems Institute (MEMSI). He is interested in developing nanoscale materials and applying these to energy technologies that can be commercialized to solve real world problems.

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Brief History

Jacek was born in Poland, but moved to Australia at the age of 6. He has always been interested in understanding why things work and how they could be improved. At the age of 11, Jacek built his first microscope - this won him first prize at a local district science competition. However, it wasn't until the age of 15, when he learnt about photosynthesis, that his passion for energy and energy harvesting systems developed. Since then, he has innovated in a variety of solar cell technologies, including organic bulk heterojunctions, hybrid dye-sensitized solar cells and inorganic CdTe, CZTS, CIGS and Perovskites, as well various other emerging energy-related technologies.

Selected Awards

Victorian Young Tall Poppy Award Winner, AIPS, 2014

Fulbright Fellow, 2011

Chancellor's Prize, University of Melbourne 2008

University Medal, Flinders University 2003

Education and Professional Experience

Jacek completed a Bachelor of Science in Nanotechnology with Honours from Flinders University in 2003. He then moved to the Melbourne University, where under the supervision of Prof. Paul Mulvaney he worked on developing nanocrystalline semiconductors and using them for lasing applications. For this work, he was awarded the Chancellor's prize. In 2008 he started as an OCE postdoctoral fellow under Dr. Ezio Rizzardo and Dr. Scott Watkins within CSIRO, developing hybrid and inorganic thin film solar cells. In 2010 he became a Research Scientist at CSIRO and Team Leader of Solution-Processed Inorganic Optoelectronics.  Between 2011-12, Jacek was a Fulbright fellow at the University of California Santa Barbara with Nobel Laureate Prof. Alan Heeger. There he looked at photoconductivity of small-molecule thin films and bulk heterojunctions, as well as interfacial effects of bulk heterojunction solar cells. He returned to CSIRO, where he progressed to Senior Research Scientist in 2013 and Group Leader of Agile Manufacturing in 2014. In June 2015, Jacek moved to Monash University as an Associate Professor to start an independent academic research career in the area of nanomaterials for next-generation energy technologies. In 2015 he was also made the Director of the Monash Energy Materials & Systems Institute (MEMSI), an industry-focused Institute with over 100 members from across Monash.